Massey Library Program Instructions

Welcome to the Library of the Massey Air Museum!

Our Lending Library is available exclusively to members of the Massey Air Museum. It’s easy to search our  library  of over 3000 aviation related books online.

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Library Search Tutorial:

SEARCHING by Tags (Subject): Open Massey “LibraryThing” program (above):   – click “Your books” (brown “LibraryThing” upper menu bar) > Click “Tags” > Scroll up or down Alphabetical Tag listings for a subject.

Or SEARCH by Authors: Click down arrow next to “Tags” > Click “Authors”

When looking at a listing page, you can open any of the Tags for a particular book by: Single Click on one of the Tags in the listing (Tag will turn red when hovering over it before you click on it).


Unfortunately, we cannot ship books, so you will need to pick up and drop off at the airport.

Once you find a book, you can place it on hold. Jot down the TItle and Category number and bring it to Massey where someone will help you check out the book.

To place a book on hold, you will need a password. You can request the password by emailing or You must be a member to get a password.

QUICK SEARCH: Enter the book title or author name.

ADVANCE SEARCH: Click Down Arrow (on right) > Advanced Search.


All our books are labeled and shelved by Category & Number:

Major Categories (and # of books):

    • Pioneers (53)
    • World War 1 (49)
    • Interwar Years (128)
    • World War 2 (526)
    • General Aviation (49)
    • Commercial Aviation (75)
    • Cold War (72)
    • Biography (11)
    • Manufacturers (112)
    • Encyclopedia/Reference (119)
    • Rotary Wing – RW (26)
    • Space (21)
    • Instructional (171)
    • Misc (152)
    • Fiction (72)

Sub Categories:

    • Cold War Korea (CWK)
    • Cold War Vietnam (CWV)
    • Misc Air Force (MIA)
    • Misc Navy (MIN)
    • Misc Marines (MIM)

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Homepage Announcement – Highlight

MASSEY AERODROME MD1 – THE AIRPORT IS OPEN TO AIRCRAFT (Even During VIP TFR’s) – Massey now has a 1.5 NMR CUT-OUT (But ONLY 3/4 mile to the north!)- Pilots are responsible for following all NOTAMS. — Presidential Flight Restriction TFRs affecting Massey will be posted by the FAA on short notice. Pilots must check NOTAMS for actual TFR status and time. Link > Type: VIP

  • NOTICE EVENT DATES SCHEDULED: Massey plans to hold 3 Fly-Ins this year (if all goes well):
    Chili Fest Fly-In: Sat. May 14th – OVER
    Antique Fly-In: Sat. June 11th conducted by the Potomac Antique Aero Squadron – OVER
    Open Hangar Fly-In: Sun. Dec. 4th
    In addition, The Galena Lions Club will hold their annual Car Show on Sun. Nov. 6th
  • NOTICE: The Displaced Threshold on Runway 20 (North end) has been moved 55’ south from 120’ to 175’ (now lines up with the top of the runway numbers).
  • Search the Massey Air Museum Library – Link to Open Library Program:
  • Instructions on how to search by Subject, Author or Title – Link:
  • NOTICE: We are accepting books and magazines! Don Hooker has built another bookcase for the library, we now have approx. 3000 books cataloged and are organized to house all donations. Don’t throw those aviation magazines and books away! We have gotten a very good reception to making selected (newer) aviation magazines available free to visitors and the sale of duplicate books has raised over $900.00 the last two years in a row. We are now also selling used Non-Aviation books (including novels) that are not subject appropriate for an Aviation Library – so bring it on, nothing goes to waste.
  • Updates and Current News are also posted on Facebook (See Link in Menu: Above Right). If no answer at 410-928-5270: Call Bill @ 610-676-0198. I SCREEN CALLS, so call twice. If you want a return call – please REPEAT the number slowly when leaving a voice message!

The Massey Air Museum is OPEN for Self-Guided Tours, pick up a Tour Guide sheet in the lobby. Feel free to ask questions (if you don’t see us, we may be working in the shop or outside). If the hangar entry doors are closed we will be glad to open them so you can also walk through the two community hangars. Although the DC-3 can get hot on sunny summer days, we will open the airstair door for you to go inside when it’s temperate. The An-2 is also open to tour. Masks are required for NON-VACCINATED persons ONLY. Free Admission but Donations Welcome. Museum Hours: 11 AM to 4 PM every day except Monday. – Calling ahead is recommended @ 410-928-5270. 

See article about Massey Aerodrome “Happy Place” in AOPA Pilot magazine Sept. 2021 issue here: or go to Photo Library (link upper right) or here: Link to Photo Album:
  Thanks to AOPA, Julie Summers Walker and Edwin Remsberg for such a fine job telling Massey’s story. And Thanks to John Williamson, Jim Douglass, Jim Sypherd and Bill Malpass for their foresight and determination to build an airport 21 years ago.

Homepage Announcement – Special



Biplane rides will be available at Massey from May through October and glider rides anytime (weather permitting with reservation). See Events Calendar below or click here: Biplane Ride Dates

BIPLANE Rides in a 1944 Open Cockpit WWII Stearman trainer: Contact Nick Mirales @ 410-535-4136 or Email:; Website:

GLIDER Rides: Contact Bob Dierker at: 410-699-1697, or at the airport.

Hangar Party 2016

2016 Open Hangar Party

The sun came out early this year and attracted over 100 fly-in aircraft. Plenty of ham and turkey was prepared by the airport staff, while hors d’oeuvres and desserts trickled in throughout the day. Classic cars, classic aircraft, and even an autogyro made it out for another successful December event. Thanks to all who helped out, or just attended and had fun keeping grass roots aviation alive.

Antique Fly-In 2016

First Antique Fly-In at Massey – a resounding success!

45th Antique Fly-In of the Potomac Antique Aero Squadron.

Approx. 75 show & guest airplanes plus 1 helicopter attended. It was breezy with a cross wind but partly sunny with low humidity that made the temperature in the low 90’s feel almost comfortable. Six airplanes received awards and 3 past award winners also attended. John Machamer’s brand new restoration, a 1930 Davis D-1K received two awards and father & son Joe & Jason Flood each received an award. We look forward to John Machamer to receive the Gold Lindy this year at Oshkosh.

Also attending was Joe Kaminskas’ 1930 WACO RNF and Marlin Horst’s 1929 Fairchild 71, both past Horn Point award winners and both are also recipients of aviations highest Award for restoration: EAA VINTAGE ANTIQUE GRAND CHAMPION – Gold Lindy.

Gene Breiner’s 1936 Taylorcraft J-2 stole the show when he put on the single blade Everel propeller and flew numerous demonstration flights (a two blade propeller is used for ferry flights across the bay).

AWARDS at the 45th Antique Fly-In of the Potomac Antique Aero Squadron, held at Massey Aerodrome June 11th, 2016:

  • Antique Sweepstakes: NC1584 1930 Davis D-1K, John Machamer
    Gettysburg PA.
  • PAAS Presidents Award: NC1584 1030 Davis D-1K, John Machamer Gettysburg PA.
  • Antique Grand Champion: NC23927 1939 Aeronca Chief, Joe Flood
    Franklinville NJ.
  • Best Custom Built: N907MG 1999 Pitts S1S, Jason Flood Franklinville NJ.
  • Classic Grand Champion: N195RA 1953 Cessna 195B, Ray Franke Bath PA.
  • Contemporary Grand Champion: N7258A 1956 Cessna C-172, Michael Meyers, Owings MD.
  • Military Grand Champion: N79731 1944 Piper L-4, Paul Smith, Mt. Airy MD.
  • AAA HQ Award: NC16745 1036 Taylor J-2, Eugene Breiner Newville PA
2016 Double Award Winner: Antique Sweepstakes & PAAS Presidents Award N158Y 1930 DAVIS D-1K, JOHN K. MACHAMER, GETTYSBURG, PA – NEW RESTORATION! Kinner K-5 Five-cylinder, air-cooled, radial 372.4 cu in (Power output: 100hp at 1,810 rpm max/70hp at 1,650 rpm cruise) Compression ratio: 5.0:1.
Military Grand Champion: N79731 1944 Piper L-4 Paul Smith Mt. Airy MD
Best Custom Built: N907MG 1999 Pitts S1S Jason Flood Franklinville NJ
N9708 1929 FAIRCHILD 71, Marlin Horst, Bird In Hand, PA
Antique Grand Champion: NC23927 1939 Aeronca Chief, Joe Flood, Franklinville NJ
Classic Grand Champion: N195RA 1953 Cessna 195B Ray Franke Bath PA Military Grand Champion: N79731 1944 Piper L-4 Paul Smith Mt. Airy MD
AAA HQ Award: NC16745 1036 Taylor J-2 Gene Breiner Newville PA