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MASSEY AERODROME MD1 – THE AIRPORT  IS OPEN TO AIRCRAFT – But Pilots are responsible for following all NOTAMS. A notice (NOTC1713) has been published that the third VIP TFR may be issued for this weekend. Pilots must check NOTAMS for actual TFR status and time. Link:


    Updates and Current News are also posted on Facebook (See Link in Menu: Above Right). If no answer at 410-928-5270: Call Bill @ 610-676-0198.
    The Massey Air Museum is OPEN for Self-Guided Tours
    , pick up a Tour Guide sheet in the lobby. Feel free to ask questions (if you don’t see us, we may be working in the shop or outside). If the hangar entry doors are closed we will be glad to open them so you can also walk through the two community hangars. Although the DC-3 can get hot on sunny summer days, we will open the airstair door for you to go inside when it’s temperate. The An-2 is also open to tour. The museum is restricted to no more than 10 persons at a time, Masks are required. Museum Hours: 11 AM to 5 PM every day. – Calling ahead is recommended.

  • View a 37 second introductory video of Massey Air Museum by the Kent County Office of Tourism Development @ https://youtu.be/rvEWeDSorWY
  • Attractions in Kent County MD: https://www.kentcounty.com/attractions > Museums in Kent County MD: https://www.kentcounty.com/attractions/museums  > Massey Air Museum, Inc.: https://www.kentcounty.com/museums/massey-air-museum-inc

The An-2 biplane is open for visitors to enter. Don Hooker has converted movable stairs into proper steps. This Russian airplane is the largest single engine biplane type in the world. Donated to Massey by Mike Macario in honor of his mother, Kate Macario.

To help with future events or any museum projects, see the volunteer info here.
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SPACE AVAILABLE in Community Hangars, Call John @ 410-928-5270.

Visit us on FACEBOOK – Use Link in the Menu to see our latest Posts or click https://www.facebook.com/MasseyAerodrome/

Take a “VIRTUAL VISIT” TO THE MASSEY AIR MUSEUM: https://aviationhistorymuseums.com/blog/2020/8/6/massey-air-museum-massey-maryland


Tony Bruno’s “Aviation History Museums” Blog has included Massey in the latest issue (#14) and he did a fantastic job . Use it to plan your driving tour of local Air Museums.  Link to Tony’s Home Page:  https://aviationhistorymuseums.com/blog
View a short (5 min) video about the creation of Massey Aerodrome narrated by John Williamson @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t84hrifhGQk  
View videos of flying to Massey @ https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Massey+aerodrome  Or go to YouTube and search: “Massey Aerodrome”  “Massey Air Museum” & “Explore Maryland By Air”