Massey Library Program Instructions

Welcome to the Library of the Massey Air Museum!

Our Lending Library is available exclusively to members of the Massey Air Museum. It’s easy to search our  library  of over 3000 aviation related books online.

                                                                                     Click here to Search by  Tag or Author:

Library Search Tutorial:

SEARCHING by Tags (Subject): Open Massey “LibraryThing” program (above):   – click “Your books” (brown “LibraryThing” upper menu bar) > Click “Tags” > Scroll up or down Alphabetical Tag listings for a subject.

Or SEARCH by Authors: Click down arrow next to “Tags” > Click “Authors”

When looking at a listing page, you can open any of the Tags for a particular book by: Single Click on one of the Tags in the listing (Tag will turn red when hovering over it before you click on it).


Unfortunately, we cannot ship books, so you will need to pick up and drop off at the airport.

Once you find a book, you can place it on hold. Jot down the TItle and Category number and bring it to Massey where someone will help you check out the book.

To place a book on hold, you will need a password. You can request the password by emailing or You must be a member to get a password.

QUICK SEARCH: Enter the book title or author name.

ADVANCE SEARCH: Click Down Arrow (on right) > Advanced Search.


All our books are labeled and shelved by Category & Number:

Major Categories (and # of books):

    • Pioneers (53)
    • World War 1 (49)
    • Interwar Years (128)
    • World War 2 (526)
    • General Aviation (49)
    • Commercial Aviation (75)
    • Cold War (72)
    • Biography (11)
    • Manufacturers (112)
    • Encyclopedia/Reference (119)
    • Rotary Wing – RW (26)
    • Space (21)
    • Instructional (171)
    • Misc (152)
    • Fiction (72)

Sub Categories:

    • Cold War Korea (CWK)
    • Cold War Vietnam (CWV)
    • Misc Air Force (MIA)
    • Misc Navy (MIN)
    • Misc Marines (MIM)