2018 Antique Airplane Fly-In

The 50th Anniversary & 47th Antique Airplane Fly-In held on June 9th, 2018, conducted by the Potomac Antique Aero Squadron (PAAS) chapter of the Antique Airplane Assoc. Hosted by Massey Aerodrome MD1. This is the only Antique Airplane Assoc. Judged event in our region (Formerly the Horn Point Fly-In). Thunderstorms were forecast for 2 PM and although there were scattered cells visible on radar around us, it did not rain at Massey until evening. The  threatening weather held attendance to 39 guest aircraft (14 1st timers).

Retiring PAAS Fly-In Director, Mike Streiter, welcomed Gretta Thorwarth as the new Fly-In Director for 2019.

John Machamer of Gettysburg, PA received a bottle of Chandelle Winery Sonoma Sauvignon Blanc as the 2018 Massey “Choice” Award for his one of a kind 1930 DAVIS D-1K as well as the Grand Champion Antique Aircraft Award. 

N319EC Maule MX-7-160, ROBERT W. RANSOM, MOORESTOWN, NJ (Engine: Lycoming 0-320).
N1131J 1954 C.A.S.A. 1.131 (Spanish built Bücker 131 Jungmann), GREG A. STRINGER, EGG HARBOR TWP., NJ, LYCOMING O&VO-360. (Best Customized Aircraft Award @ 2018 Antique Fly-In at Massey Aerodrome).
Antique Fly-In N84646 1946 AERONCA 7AC L-16 “Grasshopper”, WHISKEY MIKE INC., Engine: CONT. C65 (s/n 46-3365). Korean War vintage FAC (Forward Air Controller) – Photo by Bill Shull
N2335RV Early RV-3, Bruce Barrett, Pasadena, MD. Best Custom-Built (experimental) Aircraft Award – Photo by Bill Shull

2018 Awards:

Grand Champion Antique Aircraft Award: N158Y Davis D-1K , John Machamer, Gettysburg, PA.

Sweepstakes Antique Aircraft Ward: N28621, Luscombe 8C, Mark Webb Delmar, MD.

Grand Champion Classic Award: N2224M, Piper J3C-65, John Lewis, Mickleton, NJ.

Sweepstakes Classic Aircraft: N2168C, Cessna 195B, Brian McCay, Earlysville, VA.

Grand Champion Contemporary Aircraft: N9218D, Piper Tri-Pacer PA-22-160, Frank Vitellaro, Pennington, NJ.

Best Customized Aircraft Award: N1131J C.A.S.A. 1.131 (Spanish built Bücker 131 Jungmann), Greg Stringer, Egg Harbor Twp. NJ.

Best Custom-Built (experimental) Aircraft Award: N235RV, RV-3, Bruce Barrett, Pasadena, MD.

Potomac  Antique Aero Squadron President’s Award: N2168C, Cessna 195B, Brian McCay, Earlysville, VA.

Antique Aircraft Assoc. Club Award: N24739 Piper J3 Cub, Ralph DeGroodt, Galena, MD.

A Poem for those who want to fly: FIRST THINGS FIRST by Gill Robb Wilson

FIRST THINGS FIRST     by Gill Robb Wilson

The boundary lamps were yellow blurs

Against the winter night

And I had checked the last ship in

And snapped the office light,

And paused a while to let the ghosts

Of bygone days and men

Roam down the skies of auld lang syne

As one will now and then …

When fancy set me company

A red checked lad to stand

With questions gleaming in his eyes,

A model in his hand.

He may have been your boy or mine,

I could not clearly see,

But there was no mistaking how

His eyes were questing me

For answers which all sons must have

Who builds their toys in play

But pow’r them in valiant dreams

And fly them far away;

So down I sat with him beside

There in the dim lit shed

And with the ghost of better men

To check on me, I said:

“I cannot tell you, sonny boy,

The future of this art,

But one thing I can show you, lad,

An old time pilot’s heart;

And you may judge what flight may give

Or hold in store for you

By knowing how true pilots feel

About the work they do;

And only he who dedicates

His life to some ideal

Becomes as one with the dreams

His future will reveal

Not one of whose wings are dust

Would call his bargain in,

Not one of us would welsh his part

To save his bloomin’ skin,

Not one would wish to walk again

Unless allowed to throw

His heart into the thing he loved

And go as he would go:

Not one would change for gold or pow’r

Nor fun nor love nor fame

The part he played and price he paid

In making the good game.

And of the living … none, not one

Regrets the scars he bears,

The sheer uncertainty of plans,

The poverty he shares,

Remitted price for one mistake

That checks a bright career,

The shattered hopes, the scant rewards,

The future never clear:

And of the living … none, not one

Who truly loves the sky

Would trade a hundred earth bound hours

For one that he could fly.

If that sleek model in your hand

Which you have brought to me

Most represents the thing you love,

The thing you want to be,

Then you will fill your curly head

With knowledge, fact and lore,

For there is no short cut which leads

To aviation’s door;

And only those whose zeal is proved

By patient toil and will

Shall ever have a part to play

Or have a place to fill.”

And suddenly the lad was gone

On wings I could not hear,

But from afar off came his voice

In studied tones and clear,

A prophet’s message simply told

For this is what he said

And why his hand will someday lead

Formations overhead,

“Who wants to fly has got to know:

Now two times two is four:

I’ve got to learn the first things first!”

.. I closed the hanger door.

46th Potomac Antique Aero Squadron Antique Airplane Fly-In

46th Antique Airplane Fly-In held June 17th, 2017, conducted by the Potomac Antique Aero Squadron (PAAS) chapter of the Antique Airplane Assoc., (Former Horn Point Fly-In). Hosted by Massey Aerodrome MD1.

PAAS Contact: Mike Strieter 301-440-5294, Email: strieterstinson@verizon.net  VOLUNTEERS WANTED for next year! This is your opportunity to get involved in a good group with a fine history.

Yes, the weather hurt us again with only 20 planes flying in, but as you’ll see by the pictures below, it was still a very satisfying day. Heavy fog early became a low ceiling until we started seeing some blue patches around 10:30. It’s often the case that there will be weather around us while we remain dry. Helen Woods was the first to arrive – in a Searey from Bay Bridge, she said she made it by following the river at 100’ (hopefully an exaggeration). Planes trickled in and finally the eventual award winners arrived with Mike Pangia’s Bird bringing up the rear. PAAS postponed ending the judging to accommodate the stragglers. Many locals drove in, filling up the parking lot and keeping the Millington Fire company food stand busy. The weather cleared from the south with the heavy rains well north of us in PA. Joe Flood made it from South Jersey in his RV-4, I can’t believe he does it in 15 minutes though. Eventually the sun came out, surprising some of us with a real sunburn.

Massey Aerodrome has initiated an award of it’s own for 2017 – The “Massey Choice Award” from the Massey Air Museum presented to the airplane that best exemplifies the Spirit of Grassroots Aviation. This is in addition to the Awards from the Potomac Antique Aero Squadron. The winner received a bottle of Chandelle Winery Aviation History Labeled Sauvignon Blanc along with a certificate thanking the recipient for honoring Massey with the presence of their beautifully restored aircraft. Started by the family of Hap Arnold, the Chandelle Winery ceased production this year after 30 years and so this is the last availability for this wine (we have stashed away a few bottles for next year and the near future).

Our choice was an easy decision, we unanimously chose the 1930 Brunner-Winkle Bird BK (N727Y), belonging to Mike Pangia of Poughkeepsie, NY. This plane has a special attraction for us because it was restored not that far from here by Joseph & Anna Fichera (Kentmoor Air Park) of Stevensville, MD. This is the actual airplane that Charles Lindbergh bought for his wife, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, in which to teach her to fly. It had the reputation of being an honest handling plane.

2017 PAAS Antique Fly-in Awards

Potomac Antique Aero Squadron Antique Fly-in Awards:

Antique: 1930 Brunner Winkle BIRD – Mike Pangia, based at Kentmorr Airpark, Stevensville, MD

Military: 1944 Piper J3/L4 Cub – Charles Maples, Fairfax, VA

Classic: 1950 Piper PA-18-125 – Johm/Karen Machamer, Gettysburg, PA

Classic Sweepstakes: 1946 Cessna 120 – Jeremy DeBons, Lexington Park, MD

Custom Built: 2016 Exp. PA-18 Super Cub – Paul Collins, Gambrils, MD

AAA Award: 1930 Brunner Winkle BIRD – Mike Pangia, based at Kentmorr Airpark, Stevensville, MD

Presidents Award: 1946  Fairchild 24 – Kirk Wicker, Bristow, VA

I think you’ll agree that the following pictures show what a great day it turned into, despite the threatening weather early on. Thanks to all who attended!

Joe Flood’s N35Z RV-4
N1011A 1950 Piper Super Cub, JOHN MACHAMER, GETTYSBURG, PA
N33573 1945 Piper Cub J3C-65, CHARLES MAPLES, FAIRFAX, VA.
1930 Brunner-Winkle Bird BK – Massey’s Choice Award Winner,   MICHAEL PANGIA, POUGHKEEPSIE, NY