Who we are.

Our History...


The Massey Air Museum has it's home at the Massey Aerodrome, a grass airfield on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, and the dream of four gentlemen with the love of aviation. The runways were opened in 2001.

The Massey Air Museum was officially begun in 2002. The museum is a non-profit organization dedicated to education, and preservation of matters relating to grassroots aviation in this country.

The museum is not a museum in the traditional sense, at least not yet. It is a "living museum". That is, it is operated just like one of the thousands of small town airports of the Thirties, Forties and Fifties. So many of which have been closed in recent years due to urban sprawl.

Most of the aircraft are maintained in flying order, and flown regularly over the blue skies of Maryland's Eastern Shore.

The aerodrome is always open to fly-in or drive-in traffic, so stop by and say hello. See the Contacts link for official hours and directions to the museum.

Massey Air Museum