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Formal museum hours: 11 am – 5 pm, Tues. thru Sunday          Phone: 410-928-5270, 33541 Maryland Line Rd., Massey, MD 21650 (Call ahead for Monday or after hours – we’re usually here).   17th Annual OPEN HANGAR PARTY & FLY-IN was a great success & mostly sunny (after early morning rain & fog). Thanks to all who came & THANKS TO OUR VOLUNTEERS ON A BUSY DAY!!!!!! See the Story in “Latest News” below




Biplane rides will be available two weekends per month (in season) and glider rides anytime (weather permitting with reservation). Biplane Ride Dates & Event Calendar

BIPLANE Rides: Contact Nick Mirales @ 410-535-4136 or
Email:; Website:

GLIDER Rides: Contact Bob Dierker at: 410-699-1697, or at the airport.


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